Monday, January 16, 2012

after all this time

i've been home almost five months. i should probably stop posting on this blog. i mean, i'm not in africa anymore. i'm not even travelling anymore.nor do i have plans to travel internationally in the near future. bummer.

but i just can't get away. i can't forget.

some of my friends are going to thailand with HELP this summer. they are in the beginning stages of preparation and excitement. Andrea told me that her friend just got accepted to go to Mbale this summer. and then i realized, i want to go back.

i want to go to Impact and see Gerald, Nabeth, Rachel, and all those wonderful Leadership Program students. I want to go to CURE and see those mother's and teach them how to better their lives. i want to go to Mbale Regional Hospital and see Dr. Peter. I want to see the nurses and orderlies in the surgical theater, and maybe observe a surgery or two. i want to go to BAM and buy some Nice Biscuits. i want to go to the Babies Home and see James, Gududu and the other babies. i want to go to church and teach Primary, even though that mostly involves singing some songs and chasing Shadrach all over the compound. i want to go to FHE and make fun of the funny missionaries, while Jude and Bernard beg us for pizza. i want to go to Mbale Secondary and see those sweet girls who i hope we empowered. i want to go to Mt. Elgon primary school and see Peter- he would be overjoyed. i want to sit in Chat n' Chino eating "team crepes" with aubs. i want to go on a boda boda ride in the rain. i want to go to Namatala and see Gracie and little Grace. I want to walk into Child of Hope Primary school and have Godfrey greet me while throngs of children run, jumping to be the first to grab me around the waist or hold my hand. i want to laugh at them while they show off their hula hoop skills, jump roping skills, or their dancing skills. i want to go to english classes and help jonathon learn to read and write.

what i wouldn't give for one more day!

i feel horrible because it is starting to fade. the faces and names are starting to leave. the days blending together.
but there is something that will never leave- the love i felt there. the lessons i learned. the hardships and trials i saw people over coming. it horrifies me to think that some of the people i grew to love, i will never see again in this life. yes, i promised to go back. and my heart ached as i promised because i don't know when that day will come. i hope sooner rather than later. until then i pray that these people i love will be kept well in Christ, until we meet again.
i love this